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There are several ways to become a member of Alpha Omicron Pi. Most commonly, AOII seeks potential new members through a formal recruitment process on campuses where we have collegiate chapters. However, working within Panhellenic guidelines, chapters may also be allowed to recruit informally.

The addition of a collegiate chapter on a campus where one does not exist is called "extension" and evolves through a well-planned process involving the National Panhellenic Conference, the college or university, and AOII to help guarantee the success of the new chapter.

AOII also has an Alumna Initiate membership program to recruit new members who are no longer collegians. More specific information on how to become a member and how to recommend someone else for membership is available in this section.


New Member Program

AOII’s New Member Program, much like the educational mission of Alpha Omicron Pi, is centered on a promise. This mutual agreement between new members and AOII helps our organization to grow and flourish, all while ensuring the development and integrity of our members.

New member classes meet weekly to learn about AOII as they build their sisterhood. During these meetings, they will utilize the AOII membership education manual, The Promise, which provides information about AOII, our history, our policies and our principles. In addition to weekly meetings, a new member retreat is held to allow members to bond as a group through a fun day or overnight trip together.

On top of learning about AOII, new members are also able to participate in scheduled Greek Life events and support their fellow fraternity and sorority organizations’ philanthropic events.

The typical new member period lasts 6 to 8 weeks and is strategically planned to provide members with an exceptional new member experience. The culmination of this period includes AOII initiation preparation activities.

Recommend a New Member

A Membership Information Form (MIF) is our easy-to-use, electronic form that provides information on a Potential New Member (PNM) to a collegiate chapter for recruitment. All initiated members of AOII, in good standing, are encouraged to participate in this process that benefits both the chapter and the PNM. Collegiate members are allowed to submit MIFs for chapters other than their own.

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University of British Columbia - Beta Kappa Recruitment

My name is Melanie Kilchherr, and I am the current Vice President of Membership Recruitment. I would like to warmly welcome you to the Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi at UBC! I am beyond proud to be a representation of the chapter through my Leadership Council role as VPMR this year. During a year of uncertainty and an ever-changing global environment the sisters of AOII have grown closer than ever. Although all events have been virtual this past year, the alpha love and spirit has not diminished a single bit. Despite the anxious environment that comes with COVID-19, the consistent support of the ladies in AOII have made this year brighter and given me strength to continue to push through adversity. Every week they continue to inspire me with their positivity, motivation to achieve, and their ability to make all members feel supported and loved. AOII is truly a safe space for everyone. Before the pandemic, AOIIs can be found studying together at coffee shops, soaking up the sun at the beach, getting active at the gym, or exploring BC for all its beauty. Some of the most memorable events of being an AOII include philanthropy events, semi-formal & formal dances, study dates, and exploring the city! I joined the chapter in the Spring of 2020 through COB and I can honestly say that it has fundamentally added to and shaped my university experience. AOII has provided me a supportive community, my best friends, the opportunity to get involved on campus, career opportunities, and most of all, inspired me to be ambitious. Interested in joining and don’t know where to start? DM us on Instagram @ubc.aoii, email me at recruitment@aoiiubc.com, or inquire with one of our members, including myself! I look forward to meeting you!