Our International Philanthropy

Serving the world around us is one of AOII’s founding principles. While local chapters are encouraged to support philanthropic opportunities in their communities, all chapters support AOII’s international philanthropy , which is arthritis. Since 1967, the Fraternity has enjoyed an important partnership with the Arthritis Foundation . AOII's philanthropic mission is to raise money for and spread awareness and understanding of arthritis and its more than 100 related diseases.

Dollars donated to the Arthritis Foundation support arthritis research, Juvenile Arthritis Power Packs, Juvenile Arthritis Camps and Conferences and so much more.

Strike Out Arthritis!

By holding Strike Out Arthritis! events, AOII is collectively able to contribute millions of dollars toward education initiatives, assistance for families affected by arthritis, and new research that will hopefully one day find a cure!

Strike Out Arthritis is another annual philanthropy event that the Beta Kappa chapter holds to raise awareness for the Arthritis Society. In the past, we have hosted events like Strike Out Arthritis, a fun soccer game for the Greek community at UBC, as well as AOII Goes Blue, a competitive pie-eating contest raising money for the Arthritis Society.

Supporting the AOII Foundation

The promise to serve can be seen in the relationships between sisters as we work together to help others, or contribute to the AOII Foundation to enable scholarships and aid to other sisters.

The AOII Foundation’s Mission Statement is to invest in our sisters and inspire a lifetime of giving to innovative leadership, educational and philanthropic causes. We are proud to support the AOII Foundation which is able to offer our members academic and leadership scholarship opportunities, as well as grants and emergency assistance to sisters in dire need.

Local Philanthropic Efforts

The Beta Kappa chapter's local philanthropy is the Aboriginal Mother Centre Society, located in East Vancouver. They are dedicated to providing mothers and children with the support, tools, and resources a mother needs to rebuild her health, self-esteem and skills needed to regain and retain her child.

Every year, the Beta Kappa chapter hosts an event that best suits the organization's needs such as a clothing drive. Proceeds from this event are donated to the Aboriginal Mother Centre Society.

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Serving Others

Alpha Omicron Pi was founded on a promise to serve not only one another but the greater community as well. This commitment reflects a philosophy of friendship, concern, and usefulness in the world.

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